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The ACM Team

ACM is a family-oriented organization, proudly serving its cutomers for over 35 years!  Our staff is trained to meet the quality required by our customers, and to go beyond specifications in terms of finish and appearance, in order to exceed customer expectations.  Sales and manufacturing staff work with customers to help define and refine requirements. Machinists and assemblers provide decades of collective experience and expertise to the successful production of a wide range of projects.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, the ACM team continues to offer comprehensive project planning and support services at a very competitive price with unsurpassed USA-made quality standards.  Large-scale production of machined goods for the oil/gas exploration, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and electronics industries is our team's competitive advantage.

ACM Staff 
Our senior machinists utilize the latest programming and cutting technologies

Production staff works with customers to help define and refine requirements

Our team has decades of collective experience and offers innovative machining techniques

All staff are trained to meet and surpass the quality expected by our customers