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Okuma LU-35-M22” x 34”CNC Lathe 15” chucks, 3” bar capacity 40HP twin turret
1Mori Seiki SL-312” x 22”CNC Lathe 8” chuck
1Okuma LU-4526” x 40”CNC Lathe 21” chuck 60HP 22 tools twin turret
1Mori Seiki SL-60340” x 40”CNC Lathe 24” chuck, 10 tool high speed
1Mori Seiki SL-6525” x 32”CNC Lathe 21” chuck 40HP
1Hitachi Seiki CS4024.5” x 12”CNC Lathe 15” pallet system vertical lathe cell
3Mori Seiki SL-1508” x 19”CNC Lathe 6” station turret
2Mori Seiki SL-25014” x 21”CNC Lathe 10” chuck, 25HP
1Mori Seiki SL-25316” x 20" CNC Lathe 10” chuck, 25HP
4Mori Seiki NL300017” x 30”CNC Lathe 12” chuck, ultra precision, high speed
1Mori Seiki SL-259” x 24”CNC Lathe 10” chuck
1Mori Seiki ZL-1512” X 24”CNC Lathe 6” chuck live tooling 4 axis
1Mori Seiki NL250014” x 28”CNC Lathe 10” chuck
Hitachi Seiki CS2514” x 10”CNC Lathe 10” chuck inverted vertical lathe
1Mori Seiki NL200014” x 20”CNC Lathe 8” chuck with live tooling
1Hardinge chucker  
2Manual lathes  
Full supply of supporting fixtures, pallets and tools

Some of our turning equipment:

Mori Seiki SL-603

Okuma LU-45



Mori Seiki SL-250


Mori Seiki NL3000


Mori Seiki SL-150